Gospel Force is a Nigerian Christian Rock band, a group of young boys who chase after God deeply, they’re recognized with the ENERGY God has installed in their music and performances, taking every listener into hallowed places.

The band came to existence in 2010 and since then, God has been transforming lives through their music, the band has however ministered at multiple christian gatherings, worship/praise concerts and international conferences like the RCCG Holy Ghost Service
The Gospel Force are the pioneers of the newly established Christian Rock community and record label called “The RockNation Music” which is responsible for the biggest Christian Rock concert in Nigeria, “On The Rock Concert”

Sultan Aladaba – vocals 
Victor Emmanuel – vocals 
Aderibigbe Otunde – vocals 
Adeyoyin Emmanuel – vocals 
Poye Talent – drums 
Olayinka Bada – keyboards 
Michael Abiodun – bass guitar 
Ezekiel Sunday – guitars 
Olamide Ogundiran – guitars 
Kingsley Charles – bass guitar

Peter Abraham – vocals 
Akadiri Nelson Ayodeji – vocals 
Jeremiah Oluwatoke – vocals 
Goke Oyewo – guitars 
Ayo Tijani – drums/vocals 
Oguntade Tobi – bass guitar 
Daudu Israel – bass guitar 
Enakerakpor Ese – vocals

Their performances cannot be questioned as a result of the Energy God has installed in them, based on research and testimonies. Popularly known for their package called “SPIRITUAL EXERCISE” their songs minister life and inspiration to all souls who come across them

I See You – 2014 
No One Ft Eben – 2015 
Thank You Jesus – 2015 
The Resurrection – 2016

It’s been upto two years since their advent into the social media platforms, reaching out to more lives with speedy responses to their fans all over the world. Connecting to their fans as @gospelforce on TwitterFacebookYoutube and Instagram.

“Best Rock” CGMA 2015 – Nominated

As they were mentored by the prominent gospel sensation, Efe Nathan, they have been able to affect lives all round the world. 
Their latest song “The Resurrection” has been of impact to Christians and non-Christians, the song has spread to become an international song for all churches in Nigeria and abroad. 
The have influenced upcoming bands by giving a new standard of Rock music in the kingdom, their uniqueness has attracted lots of people (old and young) to God and as a result, men find it difficult to recover from their experience with the band, both off and on the stage.

The band is affiliated with prominent gospel acts like Nathaniel BasseySammie OkposoEbenEfe Nathan, just to mention a few and they prepare to work with more international acts like the Hillsong ChurchJesus CultureCasting Crowns and many others.

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